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Artwork informing The Enormous Turnip

Collages ( I am playing with little additions of collage for Turnip story- *see final dummy.(dirt jumps spread) and snippet of dog info from old book. (used on page 1. at Daphne's feet.)

Wash of watercolour beneath dip pen July 2020 (I realise I started to lay down colour around this time and draw on it. Then experimented with emulsion panels and drew on them with pencil. Used alot in the Turnip story. I like the way it takes the white paper away and makes me less hesitant about 'spoiling' the page.

Went out and bought matchpots of greys then colours soon followed . Kept pretty much to the colour palette I chose for Turnip sequence.

Tabletop screenprinting with slightly odd screen I have with wire mesh. Have bought a nylon one for next module to play with at home.

Character Workshop. I fell in love with this character and his wild living -but let him go for the sake of the story!!

Observational drawing of rivers.

Dry point with a bit of chine collé.

Dry point etching with orange chine collé -effective and may use this if I have the last images at sunset!

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